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Managing System for Telephone Calls

The TeleCost Family:

- TeleCost: For every Telephone Center

- MultiCarrier: For Companies that use different providers, with varying costs

- Billing Server: For billing providers

- MultiSite: For managing calls in companies that have many branches apart from the central

- TeleCost IP/IP SQL: supports IP telephone centres and SQL Databases


Telecost offers the most modern and secure method for the assortment and handling of telephone calls, made through a Telephone Centre.
It displays and prints a number of reports for the full control and monitoring of the calls.

It offers a friendly environment for the user, making it easy to use by people with little knowledge of computers. It collaborates with all types of Telephone Centres.

The system includes the following parts:

a. The device Telecost Buffer which collects and stores the data from the telephone calls. Depending on the model its capacity varies from 8.000 to 16.000 calls.
b. The programs Gate and Reports suitable for computers running Windows (Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7).
c. Cable connector for the computer and an RS232 adapter.


  • Secure storing of the data in independent Buffer device.
  • The computer does need to be dedicated to the system.
  • Supports all operating systems: Windows 95, 98, Me or Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • Friendly environment for the user with no need for memorising the actions
  • Management of Hold and Transfer and sorting between Incoming/Outgoing depending on the previous calls.
  • Collaborates with almost all types of Telephone Centres
  • Controls and displays in English
  • Time-charging of all calls (total configuration by the user)
  • Groups of Internal and City Lines / Cost Centres
  • No limitation to the number of Internal and City Lines
  • Large number of reports
  • Call searching by Internal, City line, selected number, access code.
Multi-Station Edition
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