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DigiTAPES of
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DigiTAPE D-60, D90, D-120 and D-180
DigiTAPEs are digital message player/recorders. They can record and play messages with duration varying from 1 to 60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds. It works like a conventional cassette player, but it stores music or speech into an EEPROM memory instead of an ordinary tape.

To record your message you needn't use an external device (like an Eprom Programmer) as most digital recorders in these price range require; recording can easily be done directly by user. DigiTAPEs are equipped with an internal microphone and an auxiliary input (LINE IN) so as to record from an external source (i.e. radio, cassette player,cd player).
DigiTAPE Model D-xxxa has a Continuous Play Mode (repeats the message endlessly) and a Quickstart Mode (immediately restarts the message after receiving an external command). Model Dxxxb send a start of message signal.

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